The Ennea Story 

Ennea: From Ancient Greek ἐννέα (ennéa, “nine”)

Our Mission

We develop deep-rooted relationships that inspire confidence and clarity amidst a chaotic world.

Our History

Ennea Wealth Solutions is built on a foundation of nearly 40 years combined financial planning experience. When naming the company, the word “Ennea” spoke to us through its deep historical roots. Given the numerical meaning, we deemed it an appropriate fit for the profession we care so much about. 

As a firm, we all come from varying backgrounds and interests, but we share in the common belief that “Money Matters. People Matter More.” In an industry that so often puts money before people, we pledge to keep it the way it should be. Net worth will vary, but human dignity is priceless. We are here to help. We never judge. We always put the interests of those who give their trust above our own. If you are ready, come experience firsthand what we mean when we say, “Money Matters. People Matter More.”  

-Brad, Jim & the Ennea Wealth Solutions Family

Our Nine (Ennéa) Guiding Principles

1. We strive for goodness. Always.
2. Our business is helping others.
3. We provide value, both measurable and immeasurable.
4. We are authentic to our core. No cookie cutters here.
5. Wisdom is knowing you should never stop learning.

6. Loyalty and trust are earned, not given.
7. We embrace your vision. Let's have fun making it happen!
8. We have a passion for creating lasting impact.