Laura  Cagle

Laura Cagle

Administrative Assistant

I have lived in Buffalo Grove my entire life. I previously worked as a Veterinary Technician for 4 years before joining our team. I graduated from William Rainey Harper College with an associate degree in Science. Working with people has always been a huge passion of mine. Helping out client’s truly brings a smile to my face. Outside of work, I love to travel, and spend time with my Husband and three rambunctious animals.

I will be assuming the role as Administrative Assistant for the office. You will most likely encounter me when calling the office and you will certainly meet me when you visit in person. Given the firm’s growth, I will be assisting Amanda Arroyo with her day-to-day operations.

Fun Fact: I don’t like coffee. Crazy right?!

Favorite Musician: Rob Thomas/ Justin Bieber

Coffee or Tea? Tea, but I try and shy away from caffeine in general; as I am a naturally energetic person.