Becoming a Client

Whether you have worked with an advisor before or you are considering services for the first time, we want your Ennea experience to be as unique as you are. As with any meaningful relationship, it has to begin with a conversation. If you are on the fence, just remember, there is no such thing as a silly question, we never judge, we respect everyone’s dignity, no matter what past decisions have led to. So we welcome you to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Q: How long is the first meeting?

A: Typically an hour, but it can run shorter or longer depending on your agenda.

Q: What should I do to prepare?

A: It is extremely helpful when prospective clients complete our confidential discovery questionnaire, which you can find here: Financial Discovery Questionnaire Also, it is never a bad thing to bring financially-related documents you would like to discuss.

Q: Can we conduct this meeting over the phone or video conference?

A: Of course! However, we would love to shake your hand in person and show you around our awesome office. We also make a great latte with locally-roasted espresso!

Q: Do you have investment minimums?

A: We have revenue minimums based on the scope of work you are looking for. If we are managing your investments, we will charge a % based on the amount you have with us. If we are not managing your investments, we will bill you directly.

Q: What sort of things will we talk about?

A: First and foremost, we utilize this time to answer any of your questions. We will have a list of our own to ask you, pertaining to goals, concerns and areas you are particularly seeking assistance with. Most importantly, this is a chance for all of us to build rapport and make sure this is the right fit for the long term.

Q: What happens next?

A: We agree to a planning engagement and proceed with the planning process. Click Here for those steps.

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